Build graphs out of Swing components.
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Java graph drawing library. It's purpose is to simplify building graphs out of Swing GUI components. More edge style and automatic layouting support is planned.


Build using maven the usual way, or use the pre-compiled jars provided. Add the jar as a dependency to your project and use the SwingGraph component to render graphs. It's API consists of two main methods:

     * Add a vertex to the panel
     * @param v AWT or Swing component of the vertex
    public void addVertex(Component v)

Use this for adding vertices two the graph, vertices can be any Swing component, including JPanels with child components.

     * Add an edge connecting v1 to v2
     * @param v1 AWT or Swing component of the v1
     * @param v2 AWT or Swing component of the v2
    public void addEdge(Component v1, Component v2)

Use this to add a directed edge connecting v1 to v2. Non-directional edges are currently not supported.

Changing the starting size of vertices can be accomplished by calling setPreferredSize on them before adding them to the graph. Similarly the starting position can be adjusted using setLocation.

An example application called TestGui is provided.


SwingGraph is released under the terms of the ISC license, check license.txt for more details.