SwingGraphBuild graphs out of Swing components.11 months
cdatTemplate library for high level programming in C.4 days
mcc[WIP] C99 compiler
mkukri.xyzPersonal website10 months
sha_asmSHA-1 in AMD64 assembly12 months
Interpreters and compilers
bfintBrainfuck interpreter in AMD64 assembly12 months
bfjitOptimizing Brainfuck compiler10 months
s16emuEmulator and assembler for the Sigma16 architecture5 months
suckless programs
dwmDynamic Window Manager (with patches)6 months
slstatussuckless status for dwm (with patches)9 months
stSimple Terminal (with patches)9 months
pcalProgrammer's calculator, extremely lightweight two's complement calculator in C4 months
tntWeb directory fuzzer in C2 months